Cutting down on smoking pays off - the benefits are undeniable

Gradually cutting down on smoking is the most effective way for many to quit. The benefits of cutting down are undeniable, as research shows that reducing smoking prolongs life expectancy.

Have you ever wondered, is there any point in cutting down if you do not intend to  quit smoking? The answer is clear: Even one cigarette less is a health act that also saves you money.

Acetium smoking cessation product is the perfect solution for those who want to cut down on smoking. It helps to get rid of tobacco in stages, making the change better suited to your daily routine.

Cutting down smoking is a lifestyle change - not a miracle cure

Gradually cutting down on smoking makes sense, as it often works more effectively than quitting smoking directly. In the same way thatany lifestyle change, for example adapting to a new job, takes time, changes in smoking habits also need a suitable transition period for you.

Quitting your next cigarette is a clear goal that you can commit to more easily than quitting smoking completely all at once. The longer you have been smoking, the better it is to take a step by step approach.

Quitting cigarettes on the spot can be compared to a crash diet. At first, you’re excited about the idea and follow the rules strictly, but one slip can get you back to old ways. The change won’t be permanent, and the next time you’ll try an even harder “diet”.

Instead, it may be easier to adapt to phasing out tobacco. When the change is not too big immediately, you have time to get used to the smoke-free everyday life slowly. First, one cigarette after  lunch is left out, the next time the morning cigarette will be history, and finally you’ll find that tobacco doesn’t taste the same even at a party.

To cut down on smoking, you don’t have to make a decision to quit smoking immediately. Try smoking  only  half of the cigarette or skip the first smoke of the morning or the last of the evening.

Cutting down on smoking has a strong psychological effect. Many people think they will miss out only one smoke, but eventually find themselves completely non-smoking when they realize the benefits of decreasing. It has also been shown that the willingness of those who have reduced smoking to quit smoking completely in the future is greater than that of those who have not made any changes to smoking.

Quitting smoking immediately can be compared to a crash diet that can easily lead to failure. Decreasing can bring more lasting results.

Decreasing smoking prolongs life expectancy, the health benefits are quickly visible

The benefits of decreasing smoking are above all health. The health risks of smoking are well known, but did you know that your body also starts to recover quickly from this damage? The matter has been studied e.g. through life expectancy and the effects of tobacco contaminants.

A study published in 2018 finds that decreasing smoking is linked to longer life expectancy. During the study period, the risk of those who had cut down on smoking dying from the adverse effects of smoking during the follow-up period was significantly reduced. The greatest benefits were measured among those who quit smoking altogether, but the reduction was also seen as a positive change in lifestyle.

The health benefits of decreasing smoking are logical. The less harmful substances in tobacco enter your body, the less they can affect your body. Tobacco contains dozens of harmful ingredients and toxins. For example, nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide are the most dangerous ingredients in tobacco for lung and heart function.

Your body begins to repair the health effects of tobacco after just one unsmoked cigarette. For example, the carbon monoxide in tobacco is eliminated from the body in about one day, and nicotine in two days.

The health benefits of tobacco reduction have a solid scientific basis.

Decreasing smoking clearly saves money

While decreasing smoking is above all a health act, saving money is a great bonus. The less money you spend on cigarettes, the more you save. And when you manage to quit smoking completely, the money savings are obvious. Would you rather spend your money on grocery shopping, travel or car expenses?

However, the savings from smoking reduction may not be all that they seem. In many cases,  the money saved on cigarettes will in future be spent on nicotine preparations to maintain the nicotine addiction left over from smoking. In this case, the expense item shifts from the tobacco box to the nicotine products, the need for which your body feels strongly.

To ditch  the cost of both the tobacco and  the nicotine addiction, we recommend that you check out Acetium®. With the help of Acetium® lozenges, you can lose the cost of smoking cessation products over the time. Because Acetium® does not make you nicotine-dependent, you will no longer need to replace tobacco with smoking cessation once you have managed to stop smoking.

Tobacco decreasing checklist

  • You should try to decrease smoking, even if a total smoking cessation is not your goal.
  • The health benefits of decreasing have a solid research base.
  • Try decreasing one cigarette at a time – in the morning, after lunch, in the evening?
  • Make it easier with a smoking cessation product! Acetium will help you get rid of tobacco gradually.

Gradually decreasing with Acetium

When you want to cut down on smoking, the help of the right product can be the key factor. Acetium® lozenge is aimed at those of you who want to gradually reduce your smoking.

Acetium is the only nicotine-free smoking cessation product on the market. It is really easy to use: Take one lozenge each time you smoke. With regular use, Acetium makes your smoking experience less attractive. And one day you’ll notice you’ve forgotten smoking!