Quit smoking with Acetium

Smoking may increase the risk of COVID19 and worsen the impact of the virus in the lungs, so stop now!

Smoking has several adverse health effects, and thus, during the corona pandemic, these effects and the damage that smoking can do is accentuated.

The association between smoking and corona exposure is found primarily in the fact that smoking impairs resistance as well as exacerbates corona symptoms. As a smoker, you have a higher risk of developing COVID-19, so quitting smoking right now will be particularly rewarding  for the health of both you and your loved ones.

Smoking weakens your immunity and makes you more susceptible to diseases

It is a known fact that smoking has a detrimental effect on  immunity, which in turn helps viruses to pass from the airway mucous membranes into the body. For example, a coronavirus transmitted as a droplet infection through sneezing is more likely to infect a smoker because smoker’s airway defences are weaker than those of a non-smoker. As with influenza, the coronavirus is effectively spread, for example, through the nasal mucosa.

Smoker’s lungs are under stress during coronavirus

Particularly due to  symptoms in the lungs, the effects of corona can be more difficult for a smoker than for a non-smoker, as smoking impairs the normal functioning of the lungs in many ways. For example, tobacco smoke irritates the bronchi and tissue. Prolonged smoking impairs oxygen uptake and increases the risk of  lung diseases and asthma.

Thus, the disease is particularly challenging for a person whose lungs are not functioning at full capacity.

Nicotine withdrawal is now even more important

While quitting smoking, it is worth remembering that nicotine replacement products do not take away the addiction but rather maintain it. Indeed, quitting tobacco without nicotine is extremely helpful during a corona pandemic, no matter how long you have smoked for in the past.

For example, nicotine in tobacco and smoking cessation products can predispose to arrhythmias because it accelerates heart rate and myocardial contraction. The nicotine in tobacco also narrows blood vessels, making the heart work harder.

Acetium® – get rid of tobacco permanently without nicotine

When you want to quit smoking permanently and without nicotine addiction, try Acetium® Lozenge. You can find Acetium lozenges in grocery stores and pharmacies around the country! Acetium contains no addictive ingredients and is easy to use: Take one tablet with each tobacco you smoke and let it dissolve in the mouth. Amino acid L-cysteine ​​binds up to 90 % of cigarette smoke-derived acetaldehyde. The taste and pleasure experience of tobacco changes, and it is easier to quit smoking.


Tip of the week for smoking cessation: It can be hard to stop smoking. With Acetium you can decrease smoking step by step. The smoking experience changes and eventually loses it’s pleasure.

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Acetium® lozenge works by slowly releasing L-cysteine (a natural amino acid) into saliva. Acetium® lozenge is a safe and effective way of quit smoking. It is devoid of the side effects of conventional smoking intervention methods such as nicotine dependence and possible adverse side effects of medicines. 

Use one lozenge every time you smoke a cigarette. Smoking cessation can be best achieved when the subject is motivated to quit, and it usually takes an average of 3-6 months of regular use.


“I was able to quit smoking with Acetium.”

“I would recommend Acetium for all the people who consider quitting smoking”

“Using Acetium was really easy. It was no rocket science!”

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